Dyneema lifting sling can replace DuPont round sling and dominate the country you do?

Dyneema lifting belt that is made of Dyneema fiber made of circular lifting belt, but also flexible harness, but the material used in the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, Dyneema fiber core material used from the Netherlands Dili Mandan The company's ultra-high-strength fiber Dyneema SK75, combined with the company's advanced technology and equipment production, the jacket is used in raw materials is polyester, after thickening and heat treatment, with a certain wear resistance, the type The Dyneema sling has a light weight. High strength characteristics, the weight of only one-eighth of synthetic fiber, one-tenth of the rope, the use of light, the type of sling has been a number of domestic railway bureau as one of the train rescue equipment. Can provide the maximum strength with the smallest weight, its strength is 15 times higher than the quality of steel, 40% stronger than the aramid. The same specifications under the Dini Ma lifting belt weight for the ordinary lifting belt 1/4, the diameter of the ordinary one of the harness; Dini made the rope as heavy as 9.8 kg / m, the same strength of the rope weighing about 65 Kg / m. The high strength / weight ratio of Dyneema polyethylene fibers allows people to use more slender ropes that will make it easier to release, recover and store ropes. Easy to operate, fast, safe to use, the operation is a short time, such as the military in certain circumstances, the rapid combat capability and so on. Dini Ma fiber has excellent durability, moisture resistance, UV resistance and chemical resistance, the use of the same quality, so its use is more extensive.
But Dini Ma fiber because of its price is DuPont silk fiber 10 times, so the cost is not DuPont silk flexible high, large tonnage round hoisting belt, Dyneema lifting belt may be able to show its superiority of light, but the general Flexible tape use or can not replace the Lift DuPont silk flexible tape.
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